Data Security

Shield website is secured at the highest level!

Dear Madam / Sir,

Information security – takes care of your peace.

A lot of effort has been invested in the Shield website to ensure that customer data is maintained.

The information security on the Shield website meets strict international standards.

Your personal information is stored on a secure server which is not accessible by the surfers.

The SSL protocol mixes the encrypted data into a sequence that cannot be decrypted.

In addition, we also operate the most advanced security measures of hardware and software: FIREWALL, CHECK POINT and more.

Credit card companies have confirmed the transfer of card details on the website and they

Secured with the international PCI-DSS standard for securing credit card data.

Shield undertakes to keep the details of your orders confidential, and not to pass them on to any other party.

Please note that according to the Credit Cards Act, when the card is used by someone who is not entitled to it, the cardholder will not be responsible for it.

We wish you a pleasant and safe browsing of our website