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Termite Gel

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Termite Gel – The Best Solution Against Termites

Termites are insects, look like a mixture of ant and cockroach, small, pale and often without eyes and wings, living in colonies of up to 10 million individuals (and about 50,000 individuals on average). The king and queen are the only individuals in the colony that can reproduce, and unlike bees and ants that mate once, the male stays next to the female and fertilizes her every few days for the purpose of continuing to lay eggs. Termites feed on tree rodents, Therefore may eat the wooden made Structure and Furniture. Termite-infested wood may not look like it at first glance, but an in-depth inspection will reveal that all the wood is hollow on the inside, and the wood may eventually crumble and collapse

The idea behind Termite-Gel is quite simple and logical. Instead of having to deal and fight against several termites with toxic sprays, that just kills them, We use the termites as carriers of a toxic bait, in order to carry the fictitious food into the center of the nest. This way we succeed to solve the problem from its source.

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