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Fly Trap | Reusable Fly Monster Trap | 12 Units


Fly Trap - Fly Monster
Fly Trap | Reusable Fly Monster Trap | 12 Units


Fly Monster – Fly Trap

Leading the professional fly trap category, rightly considered the most advanced fly trap of its kind!

The trap is made of materials that are resistant to all weather conditions, large, strong, durable, easy to operate and maintain

Made of stainless steel mesh protected from rust, lightweight frame made of rigid plastic rods with UV protection from the sun’s rays.

Has a wide entry cone that allows guaranteed entry of the flies that are attracted to the bait.

Can be hung or standing, a removable bait bowl separate from the fly collection compartment.

The trap catches up to 400,000 flies.

The bait bowl is separated from the fly storage compartment, which prevents the flies from falling in to the bait container, and prevent bad odors.

The fly monster is suitable for the professional exterminator, farms, and yards.

Follow the instructions on the package.

First, pull out the bowl at the bottom of the trap.

Insert one 4.40oz bait bag (water soluble), fill with 1 gallon of water.

Mix and return the bowl to the trap and place in the desired place.

The trap should be hung on a tree, fence, pillar, wall or placed on a stable surface.

2 reviews for Fly Trap | Reusable Fly Monster Trap | 12 Units

  1. J. A

    The bait working also on the horse flies
    This works very well compared to disposable and home-made similar traps. The green easy fly-entry system is great, and their bait just adds to it. I got this reusable trap last summer and am still reusing it this spring. The longer it is out the more the aged bait in water “sucks flies right in.”
    The bait working also on the horse flies – it’s so good for my horses.. love it!!!

  2. Jimmy F

    finally not a poor quality Chinese product.
    Must recommend on this wonderful fly traps, very high quality.
    This is a unique trap with many hanging options, that I didn’t see before….
    The unique bait attracts the terrible horse flies, finally a worthy solution.
    It’s really surprising to come across a quality product for flies – and not a poor quality Chinese product

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Quantity in Pack: 1

Packages in a box: 2

Product Size: 20.86X14.56"

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