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Fly Trap | Reusable Mini Monster Trap | 1 Unit


Fly Trap - Mini Monster
Fly Trap | Reusable Mini Monster Trap | 1 Unit


Mini Monster Fly Trap

An innovative and professional reusable large fly trap! Exclusive at Last Shield!

new design! A patented trap to prevent flies from falling into the bait compartment

And by doing so avoid bad odor.

The unique entry head allows quick entry of the fly / insect and prevents it from falling into the bait container.

Separating the flies trapped in the container so that they dry out and do not get wet in the bait and therefore do not give off bad odors.

Great for professional exterminators and farms

The trap comes with 2 bait bags of 1.76oz each.

Has a capture capacity of up to 100,000 flies!

Suitable for hanging or laying on a flat surface.

Follow the instructions on the package.

First, open the bottom of the trap, Insert one bait bag (water soluble).

Fill 20.3oz of water, close the trap and place it in the desired place.

The trap can be placed on a stable surface or hung on trees, shrubs, pillars, fences.

3 reviews for Fly Trap | Reusable Mini Monster Trap | 1 Unit

  1. Jake A

    The best trap we ever tried!!!
    We have tried a lot of traps over the years…
    This time we found this company and were surprised to discover a unbelieve quality.
    The best trap we used ever
    recommends buying and scattering 2-3 around the house.

  2. Online Customer

    This trap filled to the brim with flies. Moved to a new house and the yard was filled with flies and our trash with maggots. Purchased this and put it on the back porch for a month. the amount of flies that cached inside was unbelievable. I threw the containing to a plastic bag and to the garbage and renewed the water and bait in the trap. its great!

  3. Emily S

    Well, this works. A little too well. We knew we had a fly problem (thanks to new neighbors that have questionable horse care practices) But, WOW did we REALLY have a fly problem. The first day, this caught a few flies, but what happened over the following week was simply unbelievable. The more flies that got stuck in it, the more flies it seemed to attract. By day 4 there were so many flies that the entire bag was BLACK. My husband was amazed

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SKU: 2365

Quantity in Pack: 1

Packages in a box: 2

Product Size: 14.96X9.84"

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